Hans Beenhakkers English

Hans Beenhakkers organizes many different kinds of activities and workshop, by which something  inside you starts to grow. naturally and by itself, just like grass :-)
Below you can find links to the various activities of Hans Beenhakkers in the English language.

Links to activities english

You can find information on Drumcircle-Percussieworkshops, energizers, boomwhackers, body-percussion at beenhakkers.nl

Develop your sense of rhythm or learn that it’s not true that you have no sense of rhythm at rhythm-coach.com.

Ecstatic chant is a unique combination of Kirtan-Mantra singing, Meditation, Voice Liberation and movement (or dancing). ecstaticchant.eu
Good voice or experience are not important.
More information on Kirtan-Mantra singing-, you can find at kirtan.nu.

Information on Voice-Yoga, Voice-happenings, voice-liberation and Soul Body Fusion you can find at  stemyoga.nl

Information on Salsa, Merengue, Caribbean & Latin Music you can find at rumbanana.nl.

hans beenhakkers english